2017 Clinic

2017 Abbe Ranch USEA Riding Clinic

May 11-14, 2017

Abbe Ranch, Larkspur, Colorado

Opening Date (when you can start postmarking): Tues., April 11   Closing Date: Tues., April 25 

Other Information may be listed at end of page or on the welcome page.

Levels offered:  USEA Eventing Training 3'3", Novice 2'11", BegNovice 2'7", 

Elementary 2'3" Pre-School 18".   (You may enter Training and request some Modified schooling.)

Information:  Clinic includes stabling (including night before), unmounted theory class at lunch, videos, two small group riding lessons per day with work on the flat, cavaletti or gymnastic work, proper warm-up, gallop work, cross-country fences or terrain riding.  From 8:30am-5:00pm. Bring your own chair and lunch.  At Abbe Ranch we stress safety first.  An EMT will be on duty.  Students will learn, gain confidence, have fun and want to learn more.  Clinics are the only time you can school at Abbe Ranch.  Auditors are welcome but they must know the rules and not get in the way.

Accommodations:  Castle Rock-15miles: Best Western Inn 303-814-8800, Comfort Suites 303-814-9999, Holiday Inn Express 303-660-9733, Quality Inn 303-660-2222. Camping-6mi: Jellystone Park 800-387-9396, 303-681-3169.   On site campers: No hookups, fires, or dogs.

Entries:  Send both Abbe Ranch Clinic Entry Form and latest Release Form for USEA Educational Activities.  Package deal includes instruction, course fee, office charge and 10x20 outside pen stabling.  Roofed stalls include 1 shavings bale.  Include separate check for $40 for clean/damage deposit. An entry is for one person riding one horse.  Missing the first lesson may cause you to be barred from the rest of the clinic.  $15 change fee for any changes. Post Entries (received after 9 pm on closing) accepted for more more if space permits.  No refunds after closing, but will assist with substitutions.    

Download entry form: ------Last year= AR_2015_Clinic_Form.pdf ----- 2016= AR_Clinic_Form_2016.pdf. ----- 2017= AR-clinic-form-2017.pdf

USEA Release form for Educational Activities:


Or USEA Area IX website has release forms in PDF format at www.areaixeventing.com. 

Save $30 with opening date postmark. Complete and early entries rewarded by lower fee. Waive signature for overnight mailings.

TWO DAYS: (TF or SS), $200 with opening date postmark, postmark after 4/11=$230, recd. after 4/18=$250, recd. after 4/25=$270.
Add $45 for a 10x10 roofed stall or $55 for a 12x12.

FOUR DAYS: (TFSS), $300 with opening date postmark, postmark after 4/11=$330, rec. after 4/18=$350, rec. after 4/25=$370.
Add $80 for a 10x10 roofed stall or $95 for a 12x12. 

Make checks payable to Abbe Ranch.  

Send to Abbe Ranch Clinic, 9998 S. Perry Park Rd., Larkspur, CO 80118-7803.  

See Abbe Ranch website for directions, motels, etc.  For information contact Susan at 303-681-3589,  abbe@quixnet.net or www.abberanchevents.com.     No charge for auditors. 

Work days by appointment, 9:00am-4:00pm, or half days 9-12, 1-4.  All riders:  USEA insurance requires ASTM/SEI protective headgear whenever mounted and protective vest when riding out.  Plus USEA requires approved medical armband with your current medical information on enclosed card, "or wrist bracelet".  (Since medical bracelets may need to be scanned online, and we have very poor online service at Abbe Ranch, we request armbands even tho you have a wristband!)   Medical cards and armbands will be on sale here for $10.  They are available at most tack stores.   

Note:  NO DOGS ALLOWED EVER, not even in your car!

Clinic Instructors:  Laura Backus, Larkspur, CO;  Vicki Baker, Berthoud, CO;  Tom Ordway, Princeton, ID;  Karen Paul, Parker, CO;  Deeda Randle, Cheyenne, WY.  Some instructors may teach 2 days, some may teach 4 days. 

Clinic Instructors

Laura Backus, from Larkspur, CO, is a graduate HA from Pine Ridge Pony Club in Parker.  She began eventing in Colorado twenty years ago.  She operates Pendragon Stud Equestrian Center, has been teaching 26 years,and was chosen as 2009 Instructor of the Year of the ARIA (American Riding Instructors Assn).

Vicki Baker, from Berthoud, CO.

Tom Ordway, from Princeton, ID, is a graduate “A” from Glastonbury Pony Club in Connecticut.  He has competed actively on the East Coast and the Midwest in Preliminary events, and competed in Intermediate level at Ledyard Farm Horse Trials in 1969.  He is an Eventing R TD.  He owns 100 Acre Wood Farm.

Karen Paul, from Parker, CO, as a child in western Australia, competed in Pony Club, dressage and eventing through Preliminary, and has worked in the horse industry ever since.  She has been riding for 47 years and teaching for 38 years.  She was chief instructor at W. A. Horseman's Pony Club in West Australia and holds her Pony Club "B" certificate and the "B" Instructors certificate.  She was certified as a Level One Instructor with the F. F. A. (Equestrian Federation of Australia) in 1987.  She moved to the US in 1988, and has been successfully competing in eventing locally and nationally through the Preliminary level ever since.  She specializes in young and difficult horses and is currently traveling to students.

Deeda Randle, from Cheyenne, WY, is a graduate of Meredith Manor Riding Academy.  Deeda has been teaching, training, officiating and giving clinics in the intermountain area for over 20 years.  Known for teaching all types of riding, her emphasis is on eventing.  She is an Eventing r TD and r Judge.

Melinda Weatherford, from Fort Collins, CO, began riding at 7, field hunted and showed on Long Island.  She began teaching at age 15, and has been a full time professional since 1975, with students competing at Prix St. George and Preliminary levels.  She is a USDF Certified Instructor to teach dressage to 4th level.


Rider letter & schedule or ride times
 may be listed here, or on welcome page,
a week or 10 days before each event.


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