Abbe Ranch Riding Clinic
May 9-12, 2019 
Abbe Ranch, Larkspur, Colorado

Early Opening Date (when you can start postmarking): Tues., April 2 - (5 weeks before clinic).   

Complete Early entries received by Tues., April 9 for reduced rate - (4 weeks before clinic).   

Early Closing Date: Tues., April 16 - (3 weeks before clinic). 

Other Information may be listed at end of page or on the welcome page.

Levels offered:  USEA Eventing Training 3'3",  Novice 2'11",  BegNovice 2'7",  Elementary 2'3",  Pre-School 18"

Information:  Clinic includes stabling (including night before), a chance to park near your stall or pen, unmounted theory class at lunch, videos, two small group riding lessons per day with work on the flat, cavaletti or gymnastic work, proper warm-up, gallop work, cross-country fences or terrain riding.  From 8:30am-5:00pm. Bring your own chair and lunch.  At Abbe Ranch we stress safety first.  An EMT and Safety Coordinator will be on duty.  Students will learn, gain confidence, have fun and want to learn more.  Clinics are the only time you can school at Abbe Ranch.  Auditors are welcome but they must know the rules and not get in the way.

Entries:  Send both Abbe Ranch Clinic Entry Form and latest Release Form for USEA Educational Activities.  Package deal includes instruction, course fee, office charge, free parking and 10x20 outside pen stabling.  Roofed stalls include 1 shavings bale. Everyone must include separate check for $50 for clean/damage deposit. An entry is for one person riding one horse.  Missing the first lesson may cause you to be barred from the rest of the clinic.  $20 change fee for any changes. Post Entries (received after 9 pm on closing) accepted for more if space permits.  No refunds after closing, but will assist with substitutions.    

Clinic Entry form:  Download Here  

USEA Release Form for Educational Activities:  Download Here  

Save with opening date postmark. Complete and early entries rewarded by lower fee. Waive signature for overnight mailings.  Note:  It can take 3 to 5 days to receive entries, via USPS along Eastern Slope, from postmark date.  Closing date when complete entries must be received is 3 weeks before clinic week. 

TWO DAYS: (TF or SS), $240 with opening date postmark 4/2. 
Received after 4/9=$280,  recd. after 4/16=$320.

Send separate check for $45 for a 10x10 roofed stall or $60 for a 12x12.

FOUR DAYS: (TFSS), $340 with opening date postmark 4/2,  
Received after 4/9=$380, rec. after 4/16=$420.
Send separate check for $80 for a 10x10 roofed stall or $100 for a 12x12. 

Refunds:  You must specifically ask for any refund you expect in writing (email or letter) with details of why, or we will expect that you are donating that amount to Abbe Ranch for new jumps, repairs or other improvements.

Make checks payable to Abbe Ranch.  

Send to Abbe Ranch Clinic, 9998 S. Perry Park Rd., Larkspur, CO 80118-7803.  

See Abbe Ranch website for directions, motels, etc.  For info contact Susan at 303-681-3589, or     No charge for auditors. 

Work days by appointment, 9:00am-4:00pm, or half days 9-12, 1-4. Contact Erin K. Contino,, 970-481-8312(c)

All riders:  USEA insurance requires ASTM/SEI protective headgear whenever mounted and protective vest when riding out.  Plus USEA requires approved medical armband with your current medical information on enclosed card, "or wrist bracelet".  (Since medical bracelets may need to be scanned online, and we have very poor online service at Abbe Ranch, we request armbands even tho you have a wristband!)   Medical cards and armbands will be on sale here for $10.  They are available at most tack stores. 

Note:  NO Dogs, Other Pets, Naughty Children Or Fires Allowed Ever,  not even in your car!


Clinic Instructors:    

Some instructors may teach 2 days, some may teach 4 days. 

(William Hoos, Tennessee, Thomas Ordway, Idaho, Deeda Randle, Wyoming 

Other local instructors will be:

 Laura Backus, Larkspur, CO, Rochelle Constanza, Franktown, CO, Karen Paul, Castle Rock, CO.


Rider letter & schedule may be listed here, or on welcome page, a week or 10 days before each event.


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